Baby Sheridan-26 Week Update and Butterflake Roll Finale

Baby Sheridan-26 Week Update and Butterflake Roll Finale

For those of you who joined me yesterday, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!  I present to you my butterflake rolls!

Butterflake Rolls Finale

They came out VERY well!  They weren’t my moms but for my first try, I would deem them a success.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with our friends and we’re so glad we were able to go :)

Now for the bump update!

Baby Sheridan is just over 26 weeks today and is about the size of a head of lettuce.

Here’s what Baby Sheridan has been up to this week:

  • Baby Sheridan is now about 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighs 1.5-2.5 pounds.
  • She may now be able to hear my voice and other voices close to me.
  • She’s inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of her lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when she’s born and takes that first gulp of air.
  • She’s continuing to put on baby fat, and her “parts” are continuing to develop.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

26 Weeks

(If you’ve noticed that I’m wearing purple in almost all of my update pictures, please note that no, I am not that big of a purple fan, but I have two maternity shirts that are purple and they are the most fantastic maternity shirts I own, so they’re worn quite a bit!)

How far along? 26 weeks

Baby’s size? head of lettuce

Total weight gain/loss: Around 22

Stretch marks? still zilch-o (never got any with Rylnn and I am rubbing myself crazy with Cocoa Butter Lotion)

Sleep: Better this week than in LONG time.

Best moment this week: I think I have two this week and neither are actually pregnancy related…Yesterday we had a great Thanksgiving meal with friends that I really enjoyed.  The second moment was when I walked in to mom and dads to pick up Rylnn after we got done with our meal and the first thing I heard when I opened the door was my precious baby squealing with laughter as he played with his Papa and Gamma.  I am SO blessed it’s just unbelievable.

Miss Anything? Lying on my stomach…Always lying on my stomach.

Movement: She is still participating in zumba every evening when I lay down, every morning before I get up, every day when I’m sitting at my desk…She is such an active little sucker!

Food cravings: Clementines have tasted super good this week…And Half and Half in my coffee.  Yum!

Food aversions: I haven’t really wanted any Mexican food.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really…It’s quite nice!


Labor Signs: If you count Braxton Hicks…then yes!  They have calmed down A LOT though.


  • Eating constantly-but unable to eat a lot at once (and when I do, it really is not fun)
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Nagging headache

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new.

Baby items purchased? Nothing more but my sister has sent some more wonderful items that I’ll have to post later.

Happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy

Funny moments this week: I can’t think of anything really goofy I’ve done this week…Still can’t think of certain words when I want to, but that’s about it.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving Dinner!


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  1. ….it’s not going to be too much longer. I am sure you are so excited to meet your daughter!!!!! (they are soooo different from boys)
    Michelle @ 3cheaprunners recently posted…It Has BegunMy Profile

    • SugarCoatedSheridan says:

      I am SOOOOOO ready…Trying to cherish being pregnant, I just really don’t think I’m a very good pregnant lady :)

  2. I haven’t been blogging lately, so I haven’t read a bump update in a while! You are looking marvelous girl! I hope you and your family had a marvelous thanksgiving!
    Katherine recently posted…Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce.My Profile

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