21 Day Fix-Results

Yesterday ended my 21 Day Fix and I actually really liked it!

21 Day Fix


According to the Beachbody website, the 21 Day Fix:

It’s not another diet. In fact, it’s just the opposite. 21 Day Fix makes eating and fitness so simple, anyone can get great results.

With 21 Day Fix there’s no counting, no guessing, and no wondering. Just easy-to-follow portion control and one 30-minute workout per day. That’s all.

If you’re ready to get serious, 21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight.

Stop wasting time on diets that don’t work. There’s a better way to lose weight. It’s called 21 Day Fix. And it makes weight loss so simple, you can finally escape the diet trap and see results fast.

Your 21-day portion-control system

Forget about ounces, cups, and calories. When it comes to losing weight, simplicity equals success. These seven color-coded containers and Shakeology® shaker cup deliver exactly the right portions every time, so you never eat too much or too little. Fill them up with as much food as you want—if it fits, you can eat it!

  • Green—Vegetables
  • Purple—Fruit
  • Red—Protein
  • Yellow—Carbohydrates
  • Blue—Healthy Fats and Cheese
  • 2 Orange—Seeds and Oils
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup—Drinks

Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for a SIMPLE diet with a SIMPLE workout (which is SO what I was looking for) this is what you need!  There is no counting except to figure out how many of each container you can have per day and after the first few days, you can eyeball it pretty good, without any counting or measuring.

I absolutely loved the way this diet approached food…You can basically eat anything you want, you just can’t eat the entire chocolate cake or the entire pan of lasagna and this diet MADE me eat my vegetables (which I don’t particularly enjoy, but really should eat more of) so it was a great way to “re-start” how much and what I ate after being pregnant with my sweet baby Mia.

I do have to admit that I did not workout the way I should’ve…There are several reasons:  travel, getting up with a newborn, blah blah…but the fact of the matter is, I didn’t workout like I should’ve.  I really did enjoy the workouts that I did and I think they were based on super easy exercises, yet they proved to be very challenging at the same time to keep up the pace with Autumn.

All in all, I lost 7 pounds and 4 inches (which again proves I should’ve worked out more!) but I am super happy with  my results and the fact that I can fit (almost comfortably) back into some of my pants, which was one of my goals to begin with.  I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone!

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  1. Great job!…do you think you’ll do anoither round of it?
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